Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013


Nowadays most of instant drink will be sold in can or a tetra pack, and we use to throw it away once empty, this time when you drink one, do not throw away the can, it can be recycle it into sweet LED lamp :)

Prerequisite  :
- A few used food/drink can,
- A super glue
- 2 pcs LED 5w white (6-7.8v )
- 2 pcs diode 1N4001
- 1 330uF/16v electrolite capacitor
- 1 SMR8807 7volt switching regulator
- 1-2m cable
- any power adaptor with voltage 12-24v, In this project we use 12v 1amp el cheapo adapter :)

We use two slim can, and one small one, it already look shiny.

Most of the component needed can be found easily in any local electronic shop or even using recycle part from your old radio parts, for SMR8807 which you can buy it here, and on ebay

Take out both side of the cans, so it will look like a cylinder, soldered the cathode of 1N4001 into the anode side (+) of each LED, this diode will function to limit the current ~1amp and decrease the input voltage of 7v into around 6.5v to meet the LED power requirement. Glue each set of this LED into the can inside wall, make sure the LED metal is really stick into the can, this will help dissipate the heat from the LED, no need additional big heatsink, each can will provide heatsink for each LED.

Connect both diode 1N4001 inside each can in pararel to SMR8807 output.

Schematic of the circuit :

It's alive! It's alive!


Once you have test both side of the LED, you can glue both into the third can, the third one will serve as a mounting to the wall.

Adding colorful plastic sheet can give certain color mood :)

See, we can recycle used can, save the electricity and having a beautiful wall night lamp :D