Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

DIY 10W LED Light using SMR8809


AC source from AC power line is converted using step down transformer into AC voltage of 12, or 24V, the alternating current is then rectified using a full bridge diode, C1 100-470uF providing filtering before going into dc-dc converter, be sure to choose voltage rating twice the AC voltage input, the SMR8809 will have output 9V, since this is a constant voltage regulator, we still need shunt resistor R1 to convert it into current source and connect it to 10W LED,  voltage that run into this resistor is about 1v or less, so dissipation heat should not be an issue for single emitter, but just be sure to have enough power rating, a 1 watt resistor should be enough for driving one 10W 8.5-9.2V 1000mA LED.

2 komentar:

  1. Kalau bisa pake adaptor switching bos.
    dimensi lebih kecil, tegangan dan arus cukup untuk lampu LED 10 watt.

  2. Bisa sekali, pake adaptor apa pun, jika edngan switching atau adaptor DC bisa langsung di gunakan tanpa diode bridge penyearah lagi,